For What it’s Worth

This is the About Me page but I’m pretty boring so here are a couple of quick facts and then a short story about why I’m blogging.

  • I am married with four kids.  You probably won’t hear much about them though unless it’s vague.  I don’t want to compromise their privacy without giving them a say in it.
  • When I hand wash dishes it is with unreasonably hot water and I know I’m going to scald my hands and it’s going to hurt but I continue to do it anyway.
  • I love ballet, cooking, crafting, reading, playing games, and supporting my family’s endeavors.
  • I am secretly obsessed with The Lord of The Rings.  Which is no longer a secret.

Blog idea #2.  If I put my time into more of a general interest type of blog then maybe it’ll hold my interest.  I used to do a ‘recipe blog’ called BeanerCooks where I would post recipes and my family’s opinion of them.  I no longer post new recipes on that site but it’s still up and running if you want to browse the recipes I have shared.  I had several reasons for doing it but initially feedback was not one of them.  However, in the course of that project I found myself wanting and needing feedback to keep me motivated.  It was getting plenty of traffic but I was hoping for more interaction so I gradually lost interest.

I still want share recipes from time to time and maybe some articles or other things that pique my interest.  Oh, and I want to share my thoughts and opinions about random things.  I know it sounds a lot like Facebook but I de-activated my account because of the narcissism, negativity, and passive aggressive behavior.  I don’t mind if you disagree with me here but let’s play nice and respect a difference of opinion.  In fact, I think conversations are much more interesting when you are coming from two different view points.  That said, here is my new attempt at blogging and this time I hope to create a place to share more than just recipes.


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